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„If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.“ – Noam Chomsky

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Democracy requires independent, critical and genuinely representative media. Without them, citizens lose the means to participate in the debate that sets the political agenda. Yet there’s little public discussion of media policy. After all, where would it occur? The mass media would be a perfect venue-but don’t hold your breath.


April 18 – 20, 2018, London
MEDIA INDUSTRY STUDIES: Current Debates and Future Directions
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June 6 – 9, 2018, Kosice, Slovakia
24th International Festival of Local Televisions
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July 11 – 13, 2018, Baltimore, Maryland
ACM Annual Conference
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September 5 – 9, 2018, Marseille
NECE conference: Erosion of Democracy?
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October 2017



Who we are

Near Media Co-Op is a not-for-profit community media project. The project consists of Near FM and Near TV and works in platforms as diverse as computer training, drama production,  assisting unsigned musicians and educational programming.

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 the guardian

‚Downright Orwellian‘: journalists decry Facebook experiment’s impact on democracy

Facebook has been criticised for the worrying impact on democracy of its “downright Orwellian” decision to run an experiment seeing professional media removed from the main news feed in six countries.

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Voices of Fukushima

As time passes since the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster, the mainstream media reports less and less about what is happening in Fukushima. To combat this problem, the public participatory archiving project, “Voices of Fukushima” is aiming to collect unspoken, unheard, and personal narratives that inspire the public interest into the future.

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Digital Radio FM Insider

National Radio Listening in Norway Down by Ten Percent in One Year

FM switch-off: Public service has lost 18% of listening. Commercial radio at risk of reduced revenue.

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Radio Journal: Special Section on Community Radio

Judith Purkarthofer, President of the CMFE, and Urszula Doliwa, Secretary of the CMFE, edited a special issue of The Radio Journal on community radio. Find the table of contents here: Radiojournal_Sept17

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radio world

The Main Studio Rule Is Dead; Long Live the Main Studio

In a move that would have once been stunning, but which now was so expected as to be anticlimactic, the FCC today voted to eliminate the Main Studio Rule.

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new york times

F.C.C. to Loosen Rules on Local Media Ownership

WASHINGTON — The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday announced plans to eliminate decades-old media ownership rules meant to protect local coverage and diversity in media voices.
The rules were created to prevent an individual or organization from having outsize influence over public opinion.

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An introduction to podcasting

Want to learn how to create your own podcasts?We sent our video features editor Caroline Scott VJ and our training coordinator Carrie Ellis along to the ‚introduction to podcasting‘ training course to check out what it’s all about.
Our next podcasting course is running on the 23rd of November.

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dw akademie

Digital Innovation Library

There is a platform for showcasing projects from across Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America which are using digital technologies to advance freedom of expression and access to information.

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International Handbook of Media Literacy Education

At the forefront in its field, this Handbook examines the theoretical, conceptual, pedagogical and methodological development of media literacy education and research around the world.

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Blog: Searching for a new balance with Constructive News

There’s understandable scepticism among many journalists about approaches to “constructive journalism”. However, the newly formed Constructive Institute is at least endeavouring – rather belatedly perhaps – to change long-standing journalistic practices and cultures that have contributed to the current crisis of confidence in and within journalism.

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 jürgen portr.

Jürgen Linke


1980 – 1987 Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs (governmental department): Head of Media (media projects, media law)
1987 – 2007 (retirement) Director Open Channel Berlin – Public Access Radio and TV Station

Numerous project presentation in German, European, American, African and Asian Universities and media institutions

Bundesverband Offene Kanäle (Federation of Open Channels in Germany): Board Member
Open Channels for Europe!: Chairman




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End – October 2017

September 2017



Offener Kanal Magdeburg – Open Channel Magdeburg

There are european volunteers with us every year to do their Discover the EVS – European Voluntary Service with us. Apply now and learn to work with the camera, to cut and produce your own audio visual products!

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Video produced by Ukrainian volunteer Irene Jovi



radio world

Community Broadcaster: African-American Inclusion and Community Radio

The passing just days ago of one of African-American radio’s greats, coupled with the recent national debate about inclusion, should get community radio thinking more deeply about black community media and particularly about its own diversity priorities.

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journal of alternative


Sustaining Community Media: Challenges and Strategies

Maintaining community media organisations requires ongoing attention to a number of  factors. Radio and TV stations, as well as national and international community media organisations must consider funding, governance structures, changing political and economic conditions, while building, consolidating and extending relationships with their listening communities.

Abstracts due: 15 November 2017



FCC chairman urges Apple to activate FM radios in iPhones in light of recent disasters [u]

The chairman of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai, has renewed pressure on Apple to turn on the FM radios hidden inside every iPhone, citing how useful that might have been during Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. [Updated with Apple response]

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media diversity

Meet the New Generation of Diversity and the Media MA Students

Introducing this innovative MA programme, developed and designed by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI) and the University of Westminster, the course leader Dr Roza Tsagarousianou asked some important questions. “What is the power of the media? But also who has the power in the media?”

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Council of Europe: Media regulatory authorities and hate speech in the Balkan

The aim of this publication is to contribute to a wider understanding of the concept of hate speech, what it does and does not constitute, to offer a starting point in terms of providing recommendations and mechanisms for fighting against and preventing it, and to facilitate further efforts and initiatives.

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Podcast favorites

Late in August we asked for input for how best to update our autumn podcast stream. Here’s what IMS’ ever curious staff and social media followers recommends:

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bbc academy

How Outside Source connects with audiences

By bringing online techniques to broadcast journalism, Outside Source involves BBC World News and BBC World Service audiences in the programme’s content and production. This video follows presenter Ros Atkins and the Outside Source production team for a day, following their editorial decisions and techniques.

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Grass roots media galvanise to tackle hate speech

While debate rages about how to stop hate speech on social media, a movement of volunteers across the UK is tackling the so-called ‘alt media of hate’, in their own backyards – and on a shoestring.

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Community broadcasting set to receive $12m in extra funding and community TV licence extension

As part of negotiations to pass the Government’s proposed media reforms in the Senate yesterday, additional support will be provided to the community broadcasting sector.

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youth 4 media


International Day of Democracy

10 years ago (that is 2007) United Nations General Assembly proclaimed September, 15 International Day of Democracy with the aim of upholding and promoting the principles of democracy. All member states and organizations are invited to commemorate the day in a way that the public awarness is raised.

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End – September 2017

August 2017

6 tips to prepare your newsroom for live video on social media

Think beyond the live broadcast, invest in quality equipment and more advice for livestreaming on social media.

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deutsche welle





Ukraine: ‚It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle!‘

In 2014, two citizen journalists created a YouTube channel to report on protests in the east of Ukraine. The channel was so successful that they are now running a media company with a difference.

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eu kommission

European Commission

European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

Have you heard it already? 2018 will be the European Year of Cultural Heritage!
Stay tuned for a year full of cultural events and celebrations!
2018 will see activities and initiatives all around Europe to get people interested and involved in cultural heritage.
From December 2017, a newsletter will be sent out every two months.

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European Commission video




Arts channel dedicated to capturing the weird, radical and wonderful

/ˈsʌmə/hɔːl/tiːˈviː/ noun: 1. an arts channel dedicated to capturing the visually weird, the socially radical, and the artistically wonderful including Summerhall’s theatre and gallery spaces, libraries, micro-museums and archives 2. a place of fine development, perfection, and beauty in representing local arts.

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amarc asia

Message from the AMARC Asia-Pacific Board:

Dear members,

Since AMARC AP’s inception, it was the first time the board members met in Kathmandu, a truly historic occasion for us.

It has been a challenging tenure. In 2015, a massive earthquake struck Nepal with extensive damage to life and property recorded in at least 14 districts. Most of 2016 was spent in coordinating with various agencies to rebuild affected community radio stations and help with disaster related programming and training.





10 young women and 3 men are actively studying “How to make a radio program by China-made smart phone”:

“Now I have been attending two days and I really like the training provided by IMS-Fojo. I am now editing my interview file that I did yesterday” said Ei Ei Naing, from Shwe Taung Gone village, who is one of the participants of Basic Radio Skills Training held by IMS-Fojo and Myanmar Journalism Institute.

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Counter-Narrative Toolkit

The “Counter-Narrative Toolkit” website was created in response to the growing need to push back against violent extremist content online.
Start here and use our step-by-step tool to plan your counter-narrative campaign or review your strategy.

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OSCE media freedom representative calls for immediate release of detained journalists in Turkey

VIENNA, 10 August 2017 – OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Harlem Désir today expressed deep concern regarding the issuance of arrest warrants for 35 journalists and the resulting detention of nine journalists today in Istanbul, Turkey.
“The 35 arrest warrants and the detention of journalists seem to be yet another baseless attack against journalists in Turkey and exemplify the alarming media freedom situation in the country,” Désir said.

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Reporters in the Field
The grant for your cross-border research

Are you a reporter who wants to dig deeper? Who teams up to explore a story from various perspectives? Who feels that complex research doesn’t stop at borders?
The program “Reporters in the Field” promotes research projects by journalists from all over Europe. It offers grants of up to 5,000 € to international teams, for cross-border research of a relevant story of their choice. Currently, we support seven new projects with 21 team members from 18 different countries.

Are you interested? Our second round for application is open!

Please apply here by August 27, 2017. 
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Medienkonferenz 2017: Inside Our Blind Spots
What we report and what we don’t see. Medienkonferenz in Kiew. 05.10 – 08.10 2017

A report starts with a realisation that we do not know something, but want to find out. It is not always easy to realise what is missing ‒ sometimes one needs a change of optics to see the new stories.
The focus of this year’s conference is the blind spots we all have. Blind spots in all senses ‒ the topics and angles that have been left uncovered, and the audiences that were ignored. We invite you to spend these three days reflecting on what is left outside our view, and what are the consequences of this exclusion.

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End – August 2017




Eine Antwort

  1. Great to have news on community media. I am a practitioner and ex-treasurer for Amarc and very interested in what my coleagues are doing in this space. In South Africa the National Community radio Forum just elected a new Board of directors..

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