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Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.


„If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.“ – Noam Chomsky


Democracy requires independent, critical and genuinely representative media. Without them, citizens lose the means to participate in the debate that sets the political agenda. Yet there’s little public discussion of media policy. After all, where would it occur? The mass media would be a perfect venue-but don’t hold your breath.


February 15 -16, 2018, Gdansk
Free European Media conference: Free and pluralistic media and politics are challenged
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February 15 – 25, 2018, Berlin
Berlinale International Film Festival
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March 7, 2018, London
newsrewired digital journalism conference
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March 8, 2018, Sheffield, UK
The University Of Sheffield: Women & media practice in conflict & crisis situations
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April 18 – 20, 2018, London
MEDIA INDUSTRY STUDIES: Current Debates and Future Directions
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May 2 – 4, 2018, Berlin
re:publica 18
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June 6 – 9, 2018, Kosice, Slovakia
24th International Festival of Local Televisions
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July 11 – 13, 2018, Baltimore, Maryland
ACM Annual Conference
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September 5 – 9, 2018, Marseille
NECE conference: Erosion of Democracy?
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February 2018


youth radio

We’re Not A Radio Station (And Other Facts You Might Not Know About Youth Radio)




Is the Norway Switchover Really Successful?
Concerned voices question the country’s transition

In 2017 Norway switched-off its national FM network and replaced it with DAB+.
DAB promoters depict the transition as ”successful.” However, many listeners do not agree.

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Involving people with a disability in your station
The Ability Radio Project is a co-production with people with an intellectual disability (ID) and support workers running 14 week courses in radio production skills.

Now, the ARP has created a guide to help community radio producers who want to run radio groups for people with cognitive differences. The booklet is intended as a practical guide to running inexpensive, collaborative projects with disability organisations to make a meaningful contribution to improving people’s lives.

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Is the Norway Switchover Really Successful?

In 2017 Norway switched-off its national FM network and replaced it with DAB+.
DAB promoters depict the transition as ”successful.” However, many listeners do not agree. According to a survey carried about by market research firm Kantar TNS, 50 to 70 percent of the Norwegians are against the switch off.

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NPR Chief Digital Officer Emphasizes Content and Connection

Hjelm says digital teams should be at the frontline “to meet the changing needs of audiences”

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European Journalism Centre launches grants worth €200,000 for freelancers and newsrooms reporting on opportunities for women today

The European Journalism Centre today opens a new call for applications for its Innovation in Development Reporting Grant Programme (IDR) on the topic of opportunities for women today in developing countries.
Amount awarded: The grant given is up to €20,000 per project.
Deadline to apply:  21 February 2018 (22:00 CET)

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Small scale DAB licensing consultation

The emergence of the software-enabled approach to broadcasting on DAB radio and its developing maturity as a workable and practical technology has the potential to provide smaller commercial and community radio stations with a practical and cost-effective way of broadcasting on a terrestrial digital platform; and ensure these stations will not be left behind by a future shift of radio from FM and AM to digital.
This consultation closes at 5pm on 28 February 2018.

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Hometown Media Awards

The Hometown Media Awards is the Foundation of the ACM’s yearly awards program. It is established to honor and promote community media and local cable programs that are distributed on Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access cable television channels. Proceeds go to ACM Foundation which is exclusively used for facilitating, preserving and promoting education in community media.
Online submissions close 11:59 pm Eastern Time on March 15, 2018.

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Italian free radio: giving a voice to the people

“We have about 15,000 supporters who give a fixed share each year. And that is something special. We are not just a radio, we are a community.”

In Italy, every day a small group of radio stations give voice to the voiceless: from social and environmental movements to immigrants and ethnic Roma who suffer discrimination. These are the “free radio”, a group of progressive and non-commercial broadcasters around Italy – from Turin, in the North, to Cosenza, in the deep South – who try to cover the kind of news that the mainstream media does not.

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international consortium

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

Five digital security tools to protect your work and sources

Reporters are navigating a more treacherous environment than any time in recent memory, and despite a plethora of digital tools to keep them safe – many are failing to adopt new strategies.
It’s a bleak reality: Last year alone, a record number of journalists were killed in Mexico, reporters were imprisoned in Myanmar and journalists in Turkey faced criminal charges en masse.

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CCMN – Cameroon Community Media Network

Interview Prof Vinod Pavarala (UNESCO Chair on Community Media)

An interview with Vinod Pavarala, UNESCO Chair on Community Media, by.Alexander Vojvoda in Douala, Cameroon, in which he is speaking about what he experienced of community media in the region, but also about issues and challenges facing community media elsewhere.

You Tube video


 jürgen portr.

Jürgen Linke


1980 – 1987 Berlin Senate for Cultural Affairs (governmental department): Head of Media (media projects, media law)
1987 – 2007 (retirement) Director Open Channel Berlin – Public Access Radio and TV Station

Numerous project presentation in German, European, American, African and Asian Universities and media institutions

Bundesverband Offene Kanäle (Federation of Open Channels in Germany): Board Member
Open Channels for Europe!: Chairman



End – February 2018


January 2018



deutsche welle

Journalism Traineeship

We are looking for young people from all over the world interested in a comprehensive, exceptional quality journalism program with an international broadcaster.
Applications end January 29, 2018.

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ahm rahmanAhm Bazlur Rahman

Radio Magazine & Talk Show on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) through Community Radio in Rural Bangladesh

A total of 48 magazines and 48 talk shows titled of “Prochesta” were conducted by two Community Radio Stations – Radio Borendro 99.2FM and Radio Sarabela 98.8FM located in northern part of the country in the month of September to December 2017 with the technical support of Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) for Preventing Violent Extremism (CVE) through Community Radio in Rural Bangladesh.





Benefits of community media recognised in the New Year Honours

The importance of community media has been recognised in the New Year Honours. Mary Dowson, of Bradford Community Broadcasting, and Martin Parry, of Swindon Viewpoint were both awarded The British Empire Medal, a division of the MBE, which is granted in recognition of meritorious civil or military service worthy of recognition by the nation.

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the observer

No access to the Internet? Detroit residents build it themselves

Ignored by large telecoms companies, residents of poor Detroit neighbourhoods are building the Internet for themselves. The Equitable Internet Initiative is a programme run by different community collectives that aims to widen a net of Internet access across disadvantaged neighbourhoods, while at the same time teaching the locals how to use it.

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What is .radio?

.radio is a new top-level domain (such .com or .net) which is exclusively dedicated to radio stations, web radios, radio professionals, companies selling radio goods and services and radio amateurs.
The .radio TLD is one of the few recognized community-based resources representing the interests of around 65,000 radio stations, 60,000 web radios and others closely associated with the sector.

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bbc academy

BBC Three’s 10 tips for social media success

BBC Three’s social media manager Navi Lamba and executive editor Max Gogarty offer tips for optimising social media content.

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CMFE at the RRN Conference on Migration and Media Awareness: Media against Hate

The third CMFE media literacy workshop part of the Media Against Hate campaign took place at Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik in Hamburg on November 23rd – 24th as a pre-event to the Conference on Migration and Media Awareness.

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A guide to building deeper relationships with the communities you cover

When newsrooms think of communities as their “audience,” we often imagine their existence only in relation to the products and services we offer. Of course, journalists know that the people who read, watch and listen to our stories don’t only exist in this vacuum.

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community media trainer

Beating the Algorithm: Facebook News Feeds

You can’t change Facebook’s built-in algorithm…but you can outsmart it!
Let’s look at it from Facebook’s point of view for a second. Over the past 10 years, viewership of content has increased at the same rate as the amount of content. In short there are way more people on Facebook than there used to be… so inevitably there is way more stuff on Facebook.

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How many times do you see somebody and wonder what story they have? We go up to them and ask.
We interview people who live, work, transit by the main train station of Rome, one of the most crowded in Europe.
Their stories help us reproduce the fabric of reality, made of memories, life episodes linked especially to traveling, migration and intimate experiences.

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End – January 2018

November 2017



難民ナウ!-世界の難民速報-Nanmin Now!

Nanmin Now! is a radio program which broadcasting
at Kyoto Sanjo RadioCafe in Kyoto, Japan since 2004.
The concept is „Broadcasting refugee issue just like weather report“.
Interview with Dr. Magda Bolzoni(Italy) about the thesis „The social consequences of the denied access to housing for refugees in urban settings: the case of Turin, Italy“

Radio Cafe Kyoto




un news center

Journalism under fire amid rise of ‘fake news’ and social media-driven echo chambers – UNESCO report

The media industry, which remains the primary source of news and information in the digital age, faces both vast opportunities and steep challenges, the United Nations cultural agency said on Monday in its flagship analysis of new trends in media freedom, pluralism, independence and the safety of journalists.

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Wikipedia edit-a-thon in Sofia to support media freedom and democratic commons

The second edition of the Wiki4MediaFreedom edit-a-thon will take place in Sofia on November 27th. It will boost the availability of accurate knowledge on media freedom and pluralism in the largest open encyclopedia worldwide.

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Community Radio

If you’re inspired to start your own community radio station in your area, it can seem like a daunting prospect. The CMA is here to assist organisations of all sizes across the UK in providing community media services. We’ve brought together resources and information to help you take those first steps towards your new station.

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World Radio Day 2018 will be held on 13 February 2018 under the theme of “Radio and Sports”!

The objectives of the World Radio Day are to raise greater awareness among the public and the media of the importance of radio; to encourage decision makers to establish and provide access to information through radio; as well as to enhance networking and international cooperation among broadcasters.

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The Council of Europe recognises the important role of public service media in upholding the fundamental right of freedom of expression, enabling people
to seek and receive information, and promoting the values of democracy, diversity and social cohesion.
Brief overview of the latest Council of Europe guidelines and activities to support public service media.


washington post

The FCC just repealed a 42-year-old rule blocking broadcast media mergers

Federal regulators rolled back decades-old rules on Thursday, making it far easier for media outlets to be bought and sold — potentially leading to more newspapers, radio stations and television broadcasters being owned by a handful of companies.

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dw akademie

Media Freedom Navigator

Media Freedom Navigator provides an overview of different media freedom indices. Navigate the map in order to access media freedom data for each country and background information on each index. For reading material, examine the resources section.

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UNESCO Chair on Community Media visits CCMN and Cameroon

The CCMN is honoured to announce the visit of the UNESCO Chair on Community Media, Prof Vinod Pavarala, to Cameroon to discuss the role and potentials of community media in the Cameroonian society.

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Closing space for media and civil society – “the new normal”

On 16 November 2017, International Media Support and the Danish National Commission for UNESCO organised a debate  about the “Closing Space phenomenon” – tactics employed by governments around the world to silence critical voices and restrict the manoeuvering space of media and civil society. Here is what IMS Director Jesper Højberg had to say about the matter.

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End – November 2017



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  1. Great to have news on community media. I am a practitioner and ex-treasurer for Amarc and very interested in what my coleagues are doing in this space. In South Africa the National Community radio Forum just elected a new Board of directors..

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